Judeo-Christian symbols between Science and Faith. Reflections with Carmen Hernández

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ISBN: 9788863622584
Pagine: 184
Anno: 2024
Edizione: inglese . Ilustrated
Note: Presentation: Ezechiele PASOTTI . Translation: Nunzio MOTTA

Judeo-Christian symbols between Science and Faith. Reflections with Carmen Hernández


Reading this book has benefited me in two profound ways. Beyond the cherished friendship with Giorgio and the deep affection and respect I hold for Carmen, my catechist, whom I had the pleasure of meeting, listening to countless times, and growing to appreciate and love, this book has enriched my life by bestowing upon me a wealth of knowledge. It offered a scientific perspective on the fascinating world that envelops us, often unnoticed, from the radiance of light to the vibrant hues of the rainbow, the majesty of trees, the essence of salt, the intricacies of cells, and the vastness of the universe!
Witnessing how one can approach this reality with scientific understanding, delving not only into the surface but also into the inner workings of things, has allowed me to glimpse the beauty surrounding us in our everyday lives. Moreover, the book has sparked intriguing questions and reflections about how science interacts with Scripture and faith.

It is a prevailing notion that there is no inherent contradiction between faith and science, yet delving into numerous references and quotations that reaffirm this harmony, witnessing the profound “scrutatio” illuminated by science, and becoming captivated by the mysteries of the Creator embedded within science itself, has deeply moved me (...)

...”Faith and reason – as stated by Saint John Paul II – are like two wings with which the human spirit soars towards the contemplation of truth. It is God who has instilled in the heart of man the desire to know the truth and, ultimately, to know Him, so that by knowing and loving Him, one may also attain the full truth about oneself”. God has provided us with these two wings to ascend to Him - "faith and reason," "faith and science."...

...These are pages to be read neither with the claim of a Science that empties the mystery of God nor with the presumption of a Scripture conflicting with science. On the contrary, the words of Scripture question science, and science – the path that humankind has walked throughout history – allows itself to be addressed by the Word of God. We approach this with gratitude to God for the giant strides taken in the last two or three hundred years, or even just the last fifty years in science, for the tools provided, which have allowed us to delve into things, both in the macrocosm and microcosm, enabling us to explore, sometimes in intricate detail, the incredible beauty of nature...

...This is a book that makes no scientific claims, in the sense that it doesn't seek to scientifically prove what cannot be scientifically proven, namely faith. Instead, it offers faith a path to perceive that the same author who created the heavens and the earth, who created humans, animals, and all the beauty that surrounds us, is the same God who chose to reveal Himself to us...

...I thank the author not for giving me the opportunity to resolve matters of faith or science but for reintroducing these two vital wings for taking flight, enabling me to rediscover the Lord, to open myself a bit more, to resist less the gift that God wishes to bestow upon me...

from the presentation by Ezechiele Pasotti

Giorgio Ricci, full professor of Biochemistry at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, lives in Rome, is married to Cristiana Cremona and has ten children.

He is the author of approximately 150 publications in international scientific journals, concerning the structure and function of numerous enzymes.

Since 1969 he has been part of the first Neocatechumenal Community in the parish of Santa Francesca Cabrini, catechized by Kiko and Carmen, and is currently its responsible.

The author thanks Nunzio Motta for his accurate and professional translation of the text into English and for his useful suggestions about the physics of the light.  Nunzio is full professor at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. At QUT since 2004, he is currently teaching Physics at undergraduate and postgraduate level, leading surface science and nanotechnology research. He published more than 240 scientific papers.

Nunzio has been a part of the Neocatechumenal Way since 1986 when he, along with his wife Daniela, attended catechesis at the parish of S. Leonardo Murialdo in Rome. Nunzio and Daniela, together with all their four children, offered themselves as a "Family in Mission" and were sent by the Pope to Brisbane, Australia in 2003. Since then, they have been members of the Neocatechumenal Community within St. Ambrose's Church in Jubilee Parish, Newmarket and still now they are actively involved in the evangelization of Australia.

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"Quando i nostri occhi sono illuminati dallo Spirito, si aprono alla contemplazione di Dio, nella bellezza della natura e nella grandiosità del cosmo, e ci portano a scoprire come ogni cosa ci parla di Lui e del suo amore". 
Papa Francesco
 dell'autore Giorgio Ricci a "La finestra del Papa" su Vatican News.  Ascolta qui